Greenwashing is something that is always at the forefront of my mind when I source products to sell through my brand. Just because something has stuck an 'eco-friendly' stamp on something or uses the buzz words 'sustainable' or 'green' doesn't mean anything. In a way, this is why i've set up this website. I feel I know what questions to ask other brands and I'm passionate about making sure the products I offer and sell are the best ones on the market and are fully traceable on sourcing. I've tried to be as see through as possible on all my product pages , but please see below for links to all the brands I work with.

GUMI BAMBOO- Bamboo Cutlery/produce bags

JUNGLE CULTURE - Coconut bowls

LOOFCO - Natural fibre cleaning


TRUTHBRUSH - Bamboo toothbrush

CIRCULAR&CO - Coffee cups