Who Am I?


Hi, I'm Caroline. Trying to live a more sustainable life is really important to me and I’m passionate about helping people make greener choices. So in 2018 I decided it was time I followed my passion and I launched my small business, myReusables. I started out by making fabric cutlery pouches filled with reusable bamboo cutlery, perfect for on the go, at a festival or a picnic. Since then I’ve expanded my range of products and make many things from repurposed fabrics, such as bags, make-up remover pads, bowl covers and napkins (named scrapkins) to name a few. I feel small changes to our habits and making greener choices really can make a difference.

Most of the products I sell I make myself. However the bamboo cutlery and straws are are something I source, and I wanted to make sure I knew where they were coming from. When travelling in Bali a few years ago I heard about a social enterprise over on the island of Lombok, Indonesia called Gumi Bamboo. They help women get out of stone mining and instead help them work in a safer environment making earth-friendly products. So I’ve collaborated with them and they make the bamboo cutlery and straws along with some off-cut fabric produce bags from excess materials from the dress making industry. Knowing that I’m helping make a positive difference to women on the other side of the world makes me truly happy. Please have a read about them here

Unfortunately greenwashing is happening more and more these days and I speak to so many people who want to make more ethical choices, but don't know where to start! So I made the decision to start sourcing other earth friendly products from companies that meet my very high ethical and sustainable standards. This includes coffee cups made out of used single use cups, plastic free kitchen brushes, bamboo toothbrushes and coconut bowls. I do thorough research from sourcing to manufacturing processes to ensure the products I sell are the best ones on the market. 

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