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Bamboo Straws and Cleaner in Handmade Pouch

Bamboo Straws and Cleaner in Handmade Pouch

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Each set contains three 20cm bamboo straws, a plastic free straw cleaner, made out of coconut fibres or sisal grass, plus a handmade pouch in your chosen design. 

The amazing people who make the bamboo straws and pouches are part of a social enterprise called Gumi Bamboo, from Lombok, Indonesia. This incredible group was set up to offer women, many of whom were working as stone-miners, a safer working environment and better income to help them support their families, whilst raising awareness about the plastic problem. The bamboo is sourced from a community forestry, a government scheme where local communities manage and use the land for environmental projects which in turn helps preserve the forest. The fabric is local excess batik, collected and handmade by the group into pouches.

The social enterprise educates local communities within Lombok about the importance of sustainable living and responsible consumption.
They run a Lombok Plastic Free Campaign where 5% of overseas sales goes directly into helping local cafes and restaurants become single-use plastic free, helping change mindsets and raise awareness of the plastic problem.

I hope that by making small changes, big changes can happen. Support a single-use plastic free world. I hope my product can have a positive impact on the growing throwaway culture and stop people from using single-use straws.

myReusables says "I am so proud to work with this incredible group, and now you know exactly who you are supporting when you buy from myReusables"


Straws - 200mm long

Care Instructions
To maintain the lifespan of the straws make sure you rinse your straw after use and every so often use the cleaner to clean the inside of the straw, making sure you leave the straw to dry fully.

For a deeper clean boil a litre of water with a couple of teaspoons of vinegar. Pop your straws in for a few minutes and voila!

With proper care your straws should last up to 12 months.


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